School synchronization (English)
新闻来源:华威学院    发布时间:2019-02-03

International Chinese Language Teachers Association(ICLTA)is the only international Chinese language teachers authoritative certification body. It has authenticated by the U.S. department of State and the Chinese embassy in the United States in the Chinese area. ICLTA is combined together by the United State、China、Britain、Canada、Germany、France、Australia、Singapore、South Korea、Japan and other academic groups in more than 110 countries and the international Chinese language teachers authority certification body which has reached the globalization and standardization of the international Chinese language teachers vocational qualification certification.

ICLTA has acquired the authoritative authentication and welcome with the United National educational, scientific and cultural organization、the government and education agencies of all over the world. In China, ICLTA also has acquired the authoritative authentication with the national ministry of personnel、the national ministry of education、the national ministry of labor and other government departments.

“International Chinese Language Teachers Certificate” is the qualifications what has jointly launched by the ministry of education and education research institutions of each member countries. ICLTA represents the highest level of international certification with Chinese language teachers nowadays, and the most international authority and the official representative.

With the development of Chinese economy, the Chinese language has become more and more popular so that the number of Chinese learners growth is faster. Conversely, the increase of the amount of Chinese language teachers is quite slow, especially the high quality and professional foreign language teachers in Chinese teaching institutions around the world.

According to the national Chinese office statistics, by 2016, Chinese learners will reach 100 million people worldwide, and the teachers’ demand at least 5 million people. Therefore, the professional level teachers have already been the scarce talents. Currently the number of people learning Chinese abroad is close to 150 million and almost 6500 schools in 109 countries with Chinese training course has been established. So the demand of overseas Chinese language teachers has increased rapidly. It’s a great opportunity to overseas students to teach Chinese in China or their country. As you may know, a certified Chinese language teacher’s annual salary has almost reached 300 thousands to 700 thousands RMB. In one word, Chinese teaching has already been the one of the most promising industry in the 21st century.